Wednesday, January 31, 2007

happy end of the first month of the new year 2007!

technically, my blog was supposed to be ready by january the 1st 2007, becuase:

1. I was to get a new laptop
2. I was supposed to buy a new camera so i could take pictures to post on my blog.

but, as all promises made by my parents, im still using my sister's laptop bought in year 2000, and my digicam is still used and stashed in the office...hmmph....

i did try taking pictures with my camera phone, but as you all know, the picture quality is really bad, so i ended not posting it on my blog, you just get demotivated by the lack of equipment.

i have baked numerous goodies since the year started. I had orders for 2 batches blondies, chocolate rum raisin slice (rum ommitted, of course) and coconut caramel slice. (these were baked on the 1st, after i came home from buying books with my dad and our best friend eli at borders...)

then i started formulating recipes for the cupcake round up at and , which unhappily i could not post my recipes due to reasons 1 and 2 listed above,well, let's hope my efforts are not wasted and i could post them on my own blog instead.

then i went on a day trip to KL to IKEA to seek inspiration for my al fresco dining concept to be held the same saturday and boy did i go crazy, i got a few bowls and my herb chopper and my BARBAR trays for my brownies....yayyyyyy! and 6 books from kinokuniya...DOUBLE YAYY YAYY!!!!

then i made gingerbread with dark molases, muffins of all sorts, cupcakes, pineapple upside down cakes( yes, more than once!) and a finale bake out of 2 batches of flourless chocolate cake for our (my stinky sister's and myself, she helped out a lot and we had a tonne of fun, i did!) bbq/al fresco dinner party on the 27th of january 2007 at our garden ( beautiful breeze, bright moonlight and candles) to celebrate was the best bbq ever!

cheers to next month then!