Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wedding : Xin Ying and Campbell

My heartiest congratulations to the both of you!

This cake came the day before the anniversary cakes, but I thought it would be a nice closure to my blog for the year ( like how designers close their shows with a wedding dress, this is how I would like mine!) hehehehehe...
The figurines are hand made and painted by me. Done in flower paste.

The cake of 2-tiers and one mini tier. ( Chocolate cake with vanilla and strawberry frosting).

Happy 30th Anniversary!

This is the last cake of the anniversary cakes I made last weekend. It was requested to be light pink and to match the pearl theme of the 30th wedding anniversary theme.

Happy 25th Anniversary!

The 25th anniversary cake of the silver theme had silver decoration and some opaque sugar beads. Done in 'Tiffany' blue. This was the third cake.

Happy 16th Anniversary!

The 16th anniversary cake is also a silver themed one, so I did this in peach. With silver dragees as decorations only. This was the second cake.

Happy 7th Anniversary!

This is the first of the four anniversary cakes I did last weekend. They were ordered by a sister, for her sister, two brothers and herself, all celebrating their wedding anniversaries in December. I separated the posts because it seems impossible to upload all eight pictures today on my blog. AAAAARghhhhhhh!
The couple celebrating their 7th anniversary are like a brother and sister to me. Their chidren, ( my nieces and my nephew) , are dear to me. I did all their children's cakes this year ( the Purple Reign Barbie, the Mermaid Barbie, the MIckey Mouse logo cupcakes and the cupcakes with the cookie and curliques!)

They love modern art, so I thought their cake could be slightly artsy and different from the other three. The design actually depicts the sun and the white background the calm and peace. For full meaning, go figure! ;-)
Love you lots guys. May I have the honor of doing all your anniversary cakes in years to come. Cheers!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


As the year is about to come to an end, life seems to just reduce its pace and prepare yours truly for the holidays! Out and about, in and out of the kitchen, I baked my last batch of muffins and cuppies till Christmas. Need sometime to unwind with friends and family.

I will not be updating much, maybe till early next year ( I know, I make that seem so far away!) as orders after this will be gourmet cuppies only ( the pictures now seem all the same to me now, I just don't know why.)and there seems to be no time to do up my blog. Apologies to my followers!

Will be back soon! Take care all!