Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blue, Yellow and White : Birthday Cake Set

This was a last minute order, but never the less was fun to make. This Light blue fondant covered cake, with a trim of white ribbed 'ribbon, and yellow flowers. Matching cupcakes of the same theme was also presented.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Little Turtle / tortoise cake!

This was ordered by a dear friend of mine. Its a 6 portion cake, a really small one, and cute. Since she said it did not have to look real, I decided on a swirly green shell pattern instead of the normal textured angles.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Flower Combination in a vase birthday cake.

This birthday cake, was a last minute order by a socialite for her dear friend celebrating her birthday as we speak . The cake is being delivered as I type this.I have big dreams , big inspirations. I was intrigued by the cakes done at , and the cake ( the one with multicolor flowers in particular) drove me into flower making frenzy, yellow roses, pink daisies , white baby mums, baby blue fillers leaves, more leaves and lilacs. Get the picture right?

Oh well, like all days, I make the fondant the day before, cover the board, bake the cake night before, bake the accompanying cupcakes, ice and decorate hours before pick up or delivery. Then I thought, I want to do a different cake board cover. Some lacey doily thingy , maybe with some cutouts and ruffles and piped dots. Easy peasy. Done , done and done. Okies, off to ice. Done . Off for fondant covering. Done Wohoo! no smears (ok just one tiny bit) ! The best bit. Arranging the flowers and leaves. I get the trays out and crap! They didn't look right.

I measured the sizes of the flowers. But they didn't look right! Oh well, then I made some ginger torch like flowers, to go with my white and green tint mums. Yes, perfect! Then I realized, my ruffles for the lace covering was 'ruffle-ing' slightly over the borad. Crap. It was taken off and redone, and every single 'bead' was re-piped. And what you see, is what I am proud of at the moment ; my patience and perseverance.

Chinese Zodiac - The Year of The Rat baby boy.

This order was by a young mom for her son who turned 1 last Sunday. As baby boy Jenzen was born in the year of the rat, a rat was requested by mumsy dearest.

As the days of research went by, realised I don't do nice rats , so I called mumsy and told her it will be a cartoonish rat and she was fine by it! thank God!

So the outcome? Not too bad, w=keeping with the nursery color theme of baby blue, light yellow and mint. The cupcakes accompanying the cake also had polka dots reflecting the main cake design.

Who don't love dots?

Ode to : Yayoi Kusama

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Retro Flower Cupcakes