Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy New You!

My CNY set consisted of red fondant covered cuppies with a faux orange on top...
Yes, I actually waited for the Chinese New Year to start before blogging. Hmmm...I myself wonder why? Well, I have been rather busy with things since Christmas, just could not find the time to upload photos onto my flickr account ( its also user : the workingdapur ) or my beloved blog. The holidays, Chinese New Year weekend, was the best for me, hung out with my beloved friends, and just partied! know who you are....loved dancing and prancing with ya!

I am back and am here to stay! To all clients and potential clients feel free to e-mail or call me to enquire. Some stuff, as all may know, are not here on the blog. The blog was supposed to be my mini portfolio. Read: WAS.

Here are some of the things I did from January:

A mixture of retro looking cupcakes order, well more cafe like actually, ( I wish I have a shop) , the modern art ones ( which was surprisingly liked by my beloved client, I had reservations doing something simple like that) theres the 80's buttercream flower thing, my oh-so-mod peanut butter ones, hmm...and etc)
Till yesterdays pickup. Congratulations Jac and Alvin. Baby Joshua will have his first moon today! How time flies.