Monday, December 11, 2006

traditional birthday cake ala Magnolia P2

Hello again...

I have found a site that features the recipe:

have fun!

traditional birthday cupcake ala Magnolia..

The first thing I did after getting the books was to try out the recipe...DUH!

My mother thinks :

1. SWEETNESS level - OK
2. TEXTURE- SOFT even after 3 day in an airtight container!
3. PRESENTATION- i didnt ice the cupcakes ( o ya...will tell you about my oven..)

You should try to get the recipe from the book on Pg.88. They are the reason I would like to open my F&B outlet, I have been trying to get the book since I read an article in GLAMOUR magazine which featured their recipe way before year 2000.

Today, I will make my version of Apple Custard Cupcake...Recipe will be out by the end of the week...

Friday, December 08, 2006

my little spree at border's...

I got two Magnolia Bakery books yesterday and I have already posted them on my library list on this blog, but not on my library blog,will be going through them this afternoon. I found a rather interesting chocolate choux recipe, and that will definitely be coming out of my oven later today, as it will be a slow weekend, hustle and bustle will only be at home..

Yesterday I was hoping for slo-mo during some circumstances only, not the weekend! Well, I will be sure to be more specific for what I wish for next time!

love always, crystal princess

Thursday, December 07, 2006

turning over a new leaf...

hello again...

i have made my of January 1st 2007, i will make sure that i will update my blog at LEAST once a week...

currently, i am in a situation whereby the excitement of the experience is so overwhelming that i do not want anything to interfere...i still do cook for my parents daily but the upkeep of the blog will be on like all my other 'experiences' before, everything is short lived...i dont know how long 'my muse' will be with me this time but one thing for certain, 'he' has definitely been and is still an inspiration...i cannot wait to 'see' him again...time seems to fly all the time...can't it be in slo-mo?

Future blog updates:

1. Recipes
2. Ingredients and grocery list(K.I.V)
3. My utensils and wish list
4.My library list / Reading list

So hope to see you soon...

Thank you for reading my blog