Monday, February 23, 2009

Single White Flower and Green engagement cupcakes

This was part of an Engagement Cupcakes ordered, with a theme of white and green. So I decided to do a a white flower with green center and green vanilla fondant, and some dragees to complete the look. My clients were pleased with the outcome and color. I presented them a color sample ;-) during the initial inquiry session and also gave them some ideas I had for their color scheme, and this was chosen.

Wedding cupcakes that I do usually will be covered with fondant and with gum paste flowers, as they last longer and will withstand 'many hands' handling ( this is a direct translation of what my Mum says in Malay 'banyak tangan' which is actually true, as during weddings 'many hands' will be helping out ;-) thus the translated saying) .

Why am I adding this is just because, I just taught my Dad about gum paste flowers, that sometimes I do real stuff like mums, gerberas, frangipanis , lotus and etcs, and other times I just go with my fantasy flow, thus creating 'fantasy flowers', so when he saw these he was like 'Are these fantasy flowers?', he looked really adorable, gleaming , using my cake decorating term! Love you lots Dad! These flowers actually have a name, but it's a bit scientific, and I just can't seem to recall, but apparently they do exist.

Well, my heartiest congratulations to the both of you!


Like any other open-faced flowers, they just seem warm and inviting. Unlike sexy roses, mysterious orchids, gerberas are just plain and simple. What you see is what you get. Warm, friendly and happy. Oh but then again , they are related to sunflowers! ;-)

When simple is said, not by the colors, as they have so many species and a lot looks, trust me, just 'google' and images of these beautiful friendly flowers will appear, and you will go 'ooh-ing' and 'aah-ing' in amazement! The best part is yet to be told, a single flowers can/may have petals of different colors!

Since these were meant to be given as house warming gifts, I baked them in normal liners and slipped them into these muffin liners, which were a bit big, but fit the gerberas beautifully. Well, I don't know, maybe they are all always happy, so it does not matter what they are in, they will just be happy flowers to me!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Fuchsia Fantasy

When I have too many options, I get a bit stressed out, as you know, there are about a gazillion of color combinations to choose from, and when the base has to be chocolate fondant, then it narrows down slightly, but when fuchsia fantasy flowers were requested, I was happy!

Nothing like a combination of brown and pink, think Neapolitan ice cream. But when the flowers were ready ( they were gum paste ones you see, as I placed them on the chocolate-y base, they looked somewhat barren, as these were for the standard sized cuppies. Luckily enough, I always make a batch of vanilla fondant for my 'in-case-of-fondant-emergency' , and rolled out small green discs symbolizing leaves, and studded them with gold dragees, to reflect the flower centre which has a gold dragee. There they were, nice and regal looking, in spite of just being an idea in my garden of dreams.

Fantasy flowers, Fuchsia and Chocolate fondant...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweetpeas : My pinch flowers : Oh well, swell!

On this very solemn Sunday, I made these pinch flowers just to distract myself, They were just simply arranged a top a fondant covered mini cakes, cupcakes actually. Named them the 'Oh well, swell' just because I am just totally frustrated with the attitude of people around me. So I just say, 'Oh well, swell!!!' and smile.

These were made for a customer as a sample order. ;-)

My current creative drive is still on course though, thank God! and I am in no means of creating burnt cakes with black frosting, black gum flowers or black anything ( thought of it though!).

Just need to sexy-fy my cakes and myself and just be happy! I got myself new fondant toys yesterday, and boy! they made me happy and giggly all night ( gave the impression of being on something ;-) ) For all its worth, I am happy on this really solemn Sunday! Have a good week all!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Well a Happy Valentines Day to all! This year, must be the economic scare, I did not get as much orders as I did last year! But then, I made corny 'bee-mine' cupcakes, which is cute looking (to my clients and me at least)! And some pink and yellow ones, some daisies and hearts, of course very macho black and red 'hugs and kisses' cupcakes and some buttercream orders. Very simple and plain. Not labor intensive I would say. They are all packed and awaiting pick-up later for tomorrow!

Many people perceive this day for lovers only, but to me its another day to celebrate love. Which ever way you see it, I wish you all happiness. I dedicate 14.02.09 to the following persons, with lots of love, hugs and kisses:
'Mom and Daddy, thank you so much for being supportive in my passion, and forever letting me pursue my hobby; in all ways, helping me deliver, buying me books, collecting my supplies, etc. Thank you for everything. Could never repay you, ever! Love you always.'

My aunt Choo-Li, also a baker ( must be in the genes!) : ' Thank you for being there for me when I was 5 years old, insisting that I get to help you bake cakes and cookies, even with Mums disapproval ( I was 5, Mum had her point!)

My late Tok Mak, a great cook and baker (genes again!) : ' I never knew you well enough, but Daddy always tells me I am just like you. Wish you could be here to see me now.'

I dedicate the XOXO cupcakes to a certain person who has indirectly inspired me for the past two months and what the person has injected in me is the push for me to be more creative, as seen in my mum cupcakes two posts back.

I thank you for your unknowing extra drive you have given me. XOXO.

Thursday, February 12, 2009




check out this link:

"Flower cupcakes always, always make me smile. Not sure if it's because I so rarely have fresh flowers in my life, or they're just gorgeous when done right. "

Thank you so much Rachel!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

being 'mum'...

Yellow Mums
Nothing like yellow flowers. I just realized, I like doing yellow flowers, they seem so happy, so sunny so smiley and non complicated. Unless a client requests for a specific color theme, I always suggest yellow. But I personally do not wear any yellow. ;-) No wonder.. ;-)

Another personal favorite color, which is technically not a color is white. My other favorite is black you see. ;-) White flowers evoke calmness, which I just get the sense of, as I shape petal by petal to perfection. They look pretty too.

White 'Peaceful' Mum

You might think mums are my favorite, but not quite. I love white orchids. Tonnes of them, single stem, one flower, etc. I just love them. I love getting them as a bouquet, no guys seem to get this though (hint hint, hint hint , wink wink! ;-) )They are gorgeous, will try experimenting next time, but will leave you with my whimsical mums.

Button Mums

Sunday, February 01, 2009

'hello naomi enchanted garden' wannabe cupcakes, dubbed theworkingdapur's 'Garden Friends'

This has got to be the longest blog title I have ever posted!

As all may know, hello naomi is an artist that has truly inspired me in more ways than one. I have been following her works, but never had I the courage to actually imitate her gorgeous works of art, till today that is.

Yesterday, I sent her an e-mail to grant me permission to follow her Enchanted Garden cupcakes, and gratefully, permission was granted, and off to the kitchen I went. I was pleased, they were nothing as nice as hers, but it was nice, and I got the 'oooh-s and aah-s', which was fine for me.

Hello naomi, thank you so much for your inspirational cupcakes! Thank you for letting me do it!

theworkingdapur's version below:


Hello naomi's cupcakes titled 'Enchanted Garden' lies at the link below: