Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come on Barbie, let's go paty!

My first Barbie cake. Turned out alright, I guess! ;-)
The skirt, full fondant covered, had a saree like feel to it, with beaded 'embelishments' of dragees and royal icing 'emroidery', front and back (was tired when it came to the back part, and was close to not finishing the cake! ;-p)
I was searching high and low for Wilton's Wonder Mould pan, but apparently is out of stock at most shops, so a baker got to do, what a bakers got to do, so I sculpted the cake out of 6 layers of vanilla buttercake and layers of chocolate fudge frosting. So, this was the outcome, larger skirt for Miss Baribie, way larger if compared to the one I will get using the mould.
A happy birthday to my very cheeky and naughty goddaughter, " I love you Chinta, be a good girl to mama, papa and aniqy'!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nursery Toys Theme...

These were a joy to make! I had so many things in my head, and decided that these four designs were most suitable; a toy sail with wispy waves , a toy truck on a windy road , a rubber ducky with bubbles ( I wanted to have more bubbles, but the space was limited and a teddy bear).
More Pics on myFlickr account!

Simple Ones

When simple ones are too simple, they look inviting too! ;-p

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A party in the garden...

Bukit Dumbar, a small hill, is usually a meeting place mainly for both the health conscious oldies ( no offence Daddy) (where they share their intimate secrets of cholesterol levels and latest blood sugar readings) and the young!

So, when group of morning walkers decided to organize a breakfast party ( how appropriate!) as a tribute to mothers who walk in the area, I got an order for cupcakes and seized the opportunity to make more roses for all the mothers there. Besides, garden themed events always, have me go crazy with flowers. No excuses right? So I decided the most appropriate flower would be the 'bunga mawar', a garden rose, miature insize. In comparison to what I did for the orders for Mother's Day, these roses seem so adorably cute and sweet. The color was a mixture of bits of pink ( many shades) and bits of white. On some petals, the pinks were obvious, while others had white petals with streaks of pink.

Individually cased, and dedicated to all mothers!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Hi all. Been really busy with real work, and have really no time to update the blog! Oh well, thanks so much for the continuous support for theworkingdapur cupcakes! It has been a pleasure to be part of you milestones and celebrations!

For Mother's Day, I did not even have the time to do any promo this year. So all orders were set to wild roses in pink, orange or yellow and simple ones were the single daisy. Yup! Just 2 sets this year! Happy with the outcome, happiness always!