Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barbie Cake : Mermaid and Underwater Theme

About 4 months ago, a 5 year old plus Miss Sara, looked at some of my cake books and told me, that she would like a two tiered mermaid Barbie cake, and sticking to her decision, a week before her 6th birthday, she still had this 2 tiered cake in mind.

Well, the one she saw had coconut trees and some sand, so I created a playful underwater theme for her instead. There were pink clams, purple starfishes ( purple is her favorite color!) , yellow octopuses and orange fishes, with red corals and seaweeds of course. The cake was done in aqua, and all had the technicolor's dream going on. It was bright. ;-) and Sara loved it!

I love it when children are involved in the planning process of their cakes. As for Sara, drafted out some sketches for her to approve and explained to her the construction of her cake in the early stages. Its just wonderful, the sense of 'grown-upness' a child feels when making decisions as such. The sense of responsibility and importance that comes during the consultation period will clearly be visible in a child's gleaming eyes when she sees the cake that she help create is just priceless!

Sara thanks her papi and mummy for letting her have her cake.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Barbie Cake : Purple Reign

This was ordered by a 6 year old favorite of mine , Miss Sara Phee. She turns six today! Sara loves purple, and asked for a purple dressed BArbie So I made a purple dress with purple, pearl and silver 'beads'.Happy birthday sweets!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Birthday Set : Sweet 16th

This cake and its color combo was ordered by a sister for her sister on her 16th birthday, which is today. The cake had a 'string of pearls around it, a bunch of ivory gold roses and was set on a light pink background.
Happy Birthday ya!

Happy Sweet 16th!

The birthday girl requested for these designs to be incorporated on her cuppies. Zebra stripes and RED lips.

theworkingdapur and 360 for charity!

Last weekend, theworkingdapur donated 360 cupcakes to the Handicapped Children's Centre on Grove Road in Penang. It was a 'memorable' event.
My god daughter helped out and it was her first charity event. She had fun and asked tonnes of questions as to why we were 'selling cupcakes and kuehs without any cash transactions! ;-) Fun fun fun !