Friday, March 12, 2010

It's March already?

Hey readers!

THanks so much for your support and constructive comments. And as most of my clients know, I have been busy with orders or the normal kind and have no time to upload pictures that reflect my earlier works! Sorry guys! Too busy, unless it is some special order, then only will I post. This month onwards, I would just do a single post comprising f my works for the month, and only if they have that 'ooh and aah' factor to the readers : read : reader-worthy posts!

I wish you all well, and thanks so much for always supporting cakes by theworkingdapur !

sweet kisses and sugar coated hugs from me!


Leon said...

Hi, I was just wondering maybe you close shop or something because I odnt see any updates here. I like looking at your cake creation, look like from overseas like that. You very talented. Please put up more pictures. When my birthday come in June, i surely will order from you ya.

daddy's kitchen angel said...

hi there!

Nope, theworkingdapur has not closed shop, just too busy to update and upload photos. Thanks so much for following, just email me when your birthday comes!

Marina said...

Hi, do u teach?? Its hard to find a place to learn here in Penang. So I am just wondering if you conduct classes?

daddy's kitchen angel said...

Hi Marina,

Yes I do teach, and it depends on what you would like to learn. Oe on one classes are more expensive, tho. Do email me at for more information. Thanks!

mika said...

i just email u at your yahoo mail for order of birthday cake for my wife. i hope u can reply to me soon ya. m kinda nervous here. i really hope u can do it!!!!

kp_ideola09 said...

keep spirit friend..

Spenco Insoles said...

Make time from business and refresh with us sometimes.